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Lady-Elle was gifted with many talents, and her mother named her “Reine des Etoiles" which translates to "StarQueen.”
Composer, Singer, Fashion Designer, Producer, Publisher, Innovator, and Licensor of intellectual Properties and Merchandises, this prolific innovator does not stop creating and having fun doing it.

Lady-Elle StarQueen is an internationally traveled creator and performer of audio-visual projects that she licenses. Her talents extend to writing and drawing fairytale books, cartoons, and screenplays, writing, performing and producing songs that she licenses, fashion designing, and creating environmentally friendly technologies to help make the world a better place to live in. If it is fun, Lady-Elle StarQueen creates it!

Born in France, and raised in the South of France, Africa, Spain and England, this globe trotter is the daughter of a well traveled family whose father was an Indiana Jones topographer flying a red Broussard airplane across Africa, and bringing back home treasures like dinosaurs’ bones and other geological findings, her father also had the ability to heal people, and her mother was partially raised in a castle and traveled with her three kids to new destinations ever so often that it was very hard for them to claim one location as their home.

Lady-Elle StarQueen almost died twice as a premature baby, which resulted in her having extra sensorial abilities that she channels by creating music and audio visual projects. A pad and a pen are always near her since inspiration comes at any time and at any place. When she wakes up, it is with a smile, for music plays in her mind and brings sunshine into her life.

She loves nature and animals, peaceful environments, and walking on pristine sunny beaches, or meeting with creative talents and other visionaries.

Objective: Bring innovations and help make Earth a better place for all to enjoy and live in through her books, movies, music and motivational cartoons, as well as her Creative Advanced Technologies Science contests (CATS) that will be available at StarqueenWorld.Com.

On the Bucket List: "StarQueen 1" books printed copies is sub-published globally receiving an advance fee of $9. million plus royalties within 1 year, StarQueen 1 the movie and StarQueen World becomes a tourist attraction in Theme Parks, the funds will help build a better world for all to enjoy.

Travels: France, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Africa, Spain, Sardinia, Italy, Monaco, Corsica, Greece, United States, Hawaii, Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fiji, US - French and Dutch Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Belgium…


October 12, 2020:  "StarQueen 1- Help is on the Way"
ScreenBook is getting ready to be launched for Sub-Publishers to Bid for the Global Books printed rights. The date of the bidding launch will be announced after StarQueenEntertainment.Com is posted in November 2020.

the pandemic, environmental and political crises affect and divide so many people in the USA and in the world. California suffers too many fires and Louisiana and Florida are flooded with endless hurricanes destroying people's lives and properties. Populations worldwide need hope and cheers right now, and many are struggling to pay their next overpriced rent, or don't have anywhere safe to sleep tonight. People need hope today, and “StarQueen 1 - Help is on the Way” is a welcomed story to help bring hope into people's life. And speaking of pandemic; the medieval ages had their share of it too, and these days seem to be very close and similar to our times now which is why I created "The Magician in Blue."

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